the world's greatest exaggerations


9 Ways Planning My Wedding Prepared Me for Running New York’s Federal Housing Program


As you all know, I’m an event planner who’s now in charge of New York’s Federal Housing Program. Many people say planning an event has nothing to do with this new role but I beg to differ! In fact, planning my own wedding was a huge challenge and definitely a great stepping stone to leading a federal government agency. Here are just a few of the ways my experience will come in...

Stressed About Work? It Might Be Time to Quit Your Job, Donald


Are you constantly frustrated about work? Are you increasingly isolating yourself, yelling at your television and binging on Kentucky Fried Chicken? Have you surrounded yourself with sycophants who support your idiotic ramblings, enable your bad behavior and lie to the American people for you? Has your son-in-law been implicated in an ongoing FBI investigation into your collusion with the Russian...

the world's greatest exaggerations

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