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I’m Sarah Cooper, a writer, comedian, speaker, drawer and general trash-talker. I’m originally from Jamaica, grew up in Washington D.C. and now live in San Francisco. You might know me as the former-Googler-turned-satirist who wrote 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings, or because I look like someone you saw on the street once. These days I’m working on my next book, coming out October 2018, and continuing to write and edit my website, TheCooperReview.com.

Life Story

I was born a small blackish child in Jamaica. My mother is half German and my father is half Chinese, which is why I look Colombian. My family moved to Washington, DC when I was three. As soon as I learned to talk I was correcting my parents’ accents and grammar.

“Mom, it’s not a souda. It’s a pacifier.”

I always wanted to be a performer. When I was little that meant singing. After failing to make chorus four years in a row, that meant acting. I was always on stage in high school, and received a theatre scholarship to the University of Maryland. There, my parents discouraged getting a theatre degree and suggested business instead.

I visited the business school and realized my schmoozing skills were not up to par. So I became an economics major and graduated in just 3 and a half years, knowing I’d want nothing to do with economics as soon as I left. #boredtotears

During my final semester I took a multimedia course and fell in love with Photoshop and pixels. I graduated and got a job at a graphic design agency – as a receptionist. I thought I could “work my way up”. That didn’t seem to be happening, though. One day, while reading a design magazine when I was supposed to be ordering supplies, I saw an ad for Georgia Tech’s graduate program in Information Design and Technology. Even though I had already missed the application deadline, I decided to go for it. I moved to Atlanta, got my master’s degree and became a designer at an ad agency.

I was in love with my job and design but never forgot my acting dream. I started taking classes, got an agent, and booked some commercials. Then came an offer from Yahoo! in California and I put those dreams aside again, to move to San Francisco. It quickly became my favorite city in the whole world.

Yahoo! Desk

My desk at Yahoo!

After a few years at Yahoo! and a startup, I decided to pursue acting again.

My parents convinced me to move back home, which turned out to be back to Atlanta, where they had followed me. I started acting again, doing any small film, commercial, or extra job I could find. I got a freelance design job, reporting to someone who had once reported to me!

I wasn’t as comfortable on camera as I wanted to be, so I decided to try standup comedy, which was only slightly, if not 1,000 times more nerve-wracking. Well, I figured if I could be myself in front of an audience, maybe I could learn to be myself on camera. What I found was that I actually enjoyed writing for myself and performing how I wanted. It took a lot of alcohol at first, though.

Sarah Cooper at Gotham

After about a year of acting lessons, singing lessons, some standup shows and countless auditions, I booked two episodes on Army Wives, which was not a reality show as I’d first thought. I figured it was time for me to move to the big city. New York.

I only planned to stay the summer. I enrolled in a summer conservatory at Stella Adler. I wouldn’t say I loved it. In fact the more I did actual acting work, the more I realized I didn’t want to be an actor. In New York I also met people who had dedicated their lives to inhabiting other characters, in a way I knew I never would.

But I loved New York. So I decided to stay.

After 6 months, I was pretty broke and $20K in debt so it seemed like I’d have to move back to Atlanta or something. That’s when a friend from Georgia Tech, who was now working at Google, recommended me for a job there. I had no idea what to expect but I went through the interview process.

I was at the opening of one of my independent films when I got the offer from Google. I accepted.

Google deskGoogle was an amazing place to work and I felt comfortable there immediately. I was struggling with what my childhood dreams had always been, and what actually felt good to me, which was not having to worry about money, being in Photoshop all day and working with smart people.

I became a design manager at Google and worked on some amazing projects and with some amazing people. I also met the love of my life. #bonus

But being a a manager left me feeling a little less creative. One summer I started Oolalove, a satirical dating site. The next summer I wrote 10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings. It has 5 million views and counting, got me on TV, and inspired me to launch this satirical humor site, The Cooper Review.

So, I decided to go pursue this creative thing once again, and left Google in October, 2014. Four months later I landed a 3-book deal (more on how that happened here). My very first book, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings was published in October 2016 along with my second book, Draw What Success Looks Like: The Coloring and Activity Book for Serious Businesspeople. 100 Tricks has since been published in the UK, Italy, China, Japan and Germany, with more to come.

My third book comes out October 2018 and I should probably be working on it right now.

In addition to this blog and the book, I have also started speaking about how to find humor in boring topics. Everything I’m doing now feels like what I should be doing – it took me awhile to get here but, better late than never.

I Want The Life Story Never mind, I don’t need the life story


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